Authors' Secrets Interview

Interview on Authors’ Secrets

I talk to fellow author, Tena Stetler, and discuss where my story ideas come from and what I want people to take away from my book.

Excerpt from the Interview

Do you see yourself in your characters?

I am 100% the main character in the Anunnaki Chronicles, strange eating habits and all. In fact, friends all tell me they are picturing me as they are reading. I always get a little flushed when they say this and tell them, “Please don’t think of me during the more ‘intimate’ scenes, or it could get awkward.

You’ve got a time machine, a cloak of invisibility, and one hour. Where would you go, and what eavesdropping would you do?

Oh, man! So I research the Sumerian culture and they have a very different version of how man was created. The cuneiform tablets state that the human race was created by the Sumerian gods (the Anunnaki) as workers to help them in the mines. I would go back to when the Sumerian “gods” created the human race so I could see just how they did it. Based on their texts, it is eerily similar to in vitro fertilization. It would change everything if I could prove we were created by an advanced race of beings.

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