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Anna-Marie Michelle Abell

While I could write this in third person and pretend I am more important that I really am, I won’t do that to you. We all know most authors write their own bio, so why fake it? Since you are reading this, you must be curious to know all about me. That is kinda weird. Are you a stalker or something? Creepy alert! Creepy Alert!


That would be great if I ended it there. I might do that occasionally. But for now, I will spill all my secrets.

I was born in Renton, Washington where I had the pleasure of growing up as a proud white trasher. I’m talking the whole shebang: living in a trailer park in an RV, having wife beater neighbors, eating macaroni n’ cheese with hot dogs as a “luxury” meal, and school shopping at the very couture Goodwill. The extent of my cultural experience as a child was sprinkling some shredded cheese off our government cheese block onto some stale potato chips, popping them in the microwave, and calling them nachos. (The key was eating them super fast before the cheese hardened into plastic.)

Needless to say, I was motivated to achieve big things, and promised myself after I left for college that I would never live in a trailer ever again. I was a total drama nerd in high school and landed an almost full scholarship to Chapman University in Orange, California. I double majored with a BA in Media Performance (acting for film and television) and a BA in Film and Television Production (emphasis in Television Production). This will be the only time I will brag, but I did get a buttload of awards and graduated summa cum laude, grey key, and with honors. I was on my way baby!


I did the whole auditioning thing for a while. At the time, I was a very hot blonde with a nice rack, and could only get cast in dumb blonde roles. Fed up, I got a job at an advertising agency and became an infomercial queen; writing and producing ads for all kinds of products we simply could not live without as a society. The corporate world finally got the best of me. I gave it the middle finger and started my own marketing company in 2006, which I still run.


Even as busy as I was with my company, I needed to find a way to release my creative juices. In college, I got quite the praise for my writing chops, so I thought I would give a novel a try. Once I started, I was addicted! Writing a novel gave me a thrill even deeper than acting did, and I knew that is what I was meant to do in life.


How is it all going? Well, I now reside in a trailer and spend all my free time trying to become a full time writer. Even though the goal of never living in a trailer again didn’t quite happen, I have upgraded from white trash nachos to bottles of wine (many, many bottles of it) and plates of fine cheeses, so there is that.

Anna-Marie Abell and gopher - WrittenByAnna
Okay. Funny story about this picture. I was pondering what I wanted to do for my bio pic, and I didn’t want to do a typical author portrait because, well, that so isn’t me. I was also panicked because I was turning 40. One day, on my way to my trailer, this opportunity presented itself and I knew I had the perfect pic! I mean, come on, I will never beat this one. And no, it is not Photoshopped (well, except for a zit on my forehead none of us wanted to see). This gopher just didn’t seem to care about my presence, and was intrigued seeing himself in the selfie cam.
Holy Crap! The World is Ending - Book Mockup - Written By Anna

Coming Soon To A Planet Near You

Holy Crap!
The World is Ending!*

How a Trip to the Bookstore Led to Sex With an Alien and the Destruction of Earth

*Oops. Spoiler Alert.

A novel written by an wino with a cheese addiction