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Reviews of Holy Crap! The World is Ending!

“An unexpected story that promises to be one of the most creative fictional discoveries of the year…a fun approach to the entire save-the-Earth-from-alien-invasion scenario which successfully turns traditional approaches upside down.”

– D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

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Donovan’s Pick of the Month (August 2017) – Full Review


“An awesome read! Warm, witty–and thought provoking–a beach read that stays with you throughout the year!”

Aionios Books

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“A rollicking seat of your pants fun ride through the universe!”

– Joan Silvestro, Booktrader of Hamilton


“This book starts with a lot of humour, but quickly gets a very rich storyline with great characters and seriously… this ending? If you like to be blown away, you should read this!”

– Esther, BiteIntoBooks

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“Anna-Marie Abell has succeeded in weaving her years of study into in the ancient Sumerian culture and their gods with common conspiracy theories, pop culture and random human quirkiness into an out of this world end times romp that will have you laughing out loud at the most inappropriate times and possibly even shedding a tear or two before it’s all said and done.”

– Jennifer, JennlyReads

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Holy Crap! The World is Ending! Should be picked up by anyone who likes to laugh and have fun with a good book because even if you take away the comedic and romantic aspects there’s still a solid story there that was obviously constructed through hours of research into ancient cultures and UFO theories. That’s what was really impressive about this book, the fact that it wasn’t just a bunch of slapstick comedy moments but that those moments were icing on top of an already impressive cake.”

– Adria Reyes, I Smell Sheep

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“The writing is wonderfully and wickedly funny, engaging and imaginative.”

Vijay Anand, Dark Musings and Demented Confessions

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“This is a tantalizingly hilarious—and saucy—apocalyptic romance.”

Nom de Plume Book Review

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“This book was phenomenal. The writing was incredible and the story completely consumed me. “

Megan, Soul Meets Books

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“Which would you say is more likely to float-a raft made of Twinkies or Ding Dongs? I have to side with the Ding Dongs personally.”

Diane Hernandez, Diane Reviews Books

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“If you like sci-fi, or would just like to try reading something a little different then I highly recommend that you pick up this novel. It really highlighted the potential breakdown of society in light of devastating news, whilst also raising the question; How much do we really know about what is beyond our planet, and what information do our Governments really keep from us?”

Chapter and Cake Book Review

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Holy Crap! the World is Ending!

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